Artistic Framing

Custom Framing

There are so many different types of frames to choose from when framing your special art. Though many retail stores, hobby and specialty shops have ready-made frame and kits; they cannot provide professional advice or offer a large selection of frames, materials and art to choose from.

Artistic Framing uses the latest framing equipment and techniques to insure that your art framing and picture framing project looks as good as you imagined it. We welcome you to depend on our experience for your special art framing and picture framing projects. We value all our current customers and look forward to serving many more in the years to come.

Choosing the right frame is an art form, especially when you consider which glass, matting, and backing to choose to compliment your art. We offer the widest section of frames in our area and guarantee that our prices and quality are better than any of our competitors.

Coastal and Landscape Photography by Frank Abbott Photography

Custom Printing

Artistic Framing has always provided printing services for their customers, but it isn't until recently that they have made these services available in-house through a local company called the Stackhouse. For more information please visit

Located inside Artistic Framing, the Stackhouse, can provide you with high-quality, inkjet prints of your photos or artwork. Whether you just want one 8 x 10 or a hundred 32 x 40's, the Stackhouse will complete your project on-time and at the highest quality. All of our printing comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can rest assured that you prints will be exactly the way that you want them.